Colors have also great importance for modern decoration ideas. We have already mentioned the use of colors according to trends. Now, we will combine it with modern decoration samples:
• In terms of color choice in modern decoration, the contrast to be caught with white and black tones is extremely important. After balancing the blue and dark blue tones with orange that you will use for room decoration, you should think of all colors as a whole. That is, apart from the tones you choose for the walls and wall papers, even the colors preferred for window frames are important. As window frames are generally white, you should pay attention to this generality when thinking about the composition in the room.
• You should use vivid colors for spaces that you want to highlight in the room.
• Modern illustrative and hand-drawn geometric patterns are textures that you may prefer for a colorful modern decoration. Monochromatic patterns designed especially with contrast colors will have an excellent harmony with panama and white wood tones.
• Colored glasses and venetian blinds are the simplest formulae to breathe new life into a room.
• Now, let us mention the absolute must of colorful modern decoration: carpets and rugs. You can have a great change by using carpets and rugs with geometric and striped patterns that you choose according to your color palette.


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