Priority for modern decoration is simplicity and minimalism. Accordingly, it is possible to claim that modern decoration resembles minimalist decoration. That is, there is no place for extravagance in modern decoration. Now, let us elaborate modern decoration a little bit more:
• It is useful to prefer white and chromium colors if you are to apply a minimalist decoration style with the desire for simplicity.
• Geometric form is an element dreaming of modern decoration in which simplicity is highlighted. We also recommend you to choose little decorative figures as well as the furniture that you use in decorating the room.
• Thin and white covered fabric in choosing sofa and couch is ideal for applying the desire of simplicity on decoration.
• Metallic colors, pale tones, and opaque glasses should be preferred for modern house decoration. Geometric forms should be chosen for the mirror, and detailed frames should be avoided.
• Self-patterned or striped textures are the inevitable details for modern decoration samples. Furniture with grey, white wood, panama tones should be combined considering the lightning in the room.
• Let us talk about illumination. Apart from bracket lamps, spot and floor lamps are rather suitable for modern decoration. Accordingly, you can ensure the grey-white balance by highlighting some points in your house decoration. Remember, minimalism does not mean neglecting the details; minimalist decoration is hidden in the details!
• We have said details are important for minimalist decoration. What do to about decorative accessories? Decorative accessories with geometric forms with hardly visible lines where plain, metallic chromium is at the forefront; for instance, a cat figure consisting of triangle and circles may be used. But pay attention! Decorative accessories should be chosen according to the furniture.

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