Q:   What to Consider in Bathroom Renovation?

S:   Materials and labor utilized in bathroom renovation are extremely important. Surfaces that have contact with water get worn out more compared to normal surfaces. Thus, the quality of the materials has a rather significant role. The installation to be used should have the same durability for both summer and winter. Moreover, the design is as important as quality for bathrooms. As the spaces used for the bathroom would be smaller compared to other section, architecture is also an important element for a bathroom renovation.


Q:   What to pay attention for materials to be used in Interior Design?

S:   The use of eco-friendly and robust material is rather important for interior design. As you would spend a considerable part of our lives in this section of your house, the materials used in the interior design should not pose a risk to your health. It is also necessary to work with a team of experts for interior design. We are proud to provide our customers with the best service for their interior design works thanks to our 15 years of experience.


Q:   How do you renovate the house compared to the previous condition?

S:   For house renovations, we protect the older status of the building. The building that we renovate is restored without compromising its uniqueness. Our team of experts carries out the work of renovation in the best way.


Q:   Are you able to match the colors in painting jobs?

S:   We carry out tone-matching with our professional machines for the colors that you show us as the example. Therefore, it is not possible that we paint your house with a color different than you choose. We can apply the color you want thanks to the quality of the products that we use and their eco-friendly properties.


Q:   When can you finish the painting of a house of 300 m2?

S:   We can paint the house with the size that you specify in around a week. We may need extra time for sections that require repairs.

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